Company Profie

Company was incorporated as KANUNGO FINANCIERS LIMITED. on 27th August, 1982. And availed Certificate of Commencement of Business from Registrar of Companies, West Bengal on 14th September, 1982. Company was originally working in Kolkata, West Bengal. Later on slowly and gradually company has started its business in in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The Company is mainly in the business of:- 1) To invest, Buy, Sell, Transfer, Hypothecate, Deal in and dispose of any shares, Stocks, Securities, Properties, all kind of Bonds and Debentures. 2) To carry on the Business of Producers, Exhibitors and Distributors of Cinematograph Films and Talkies(of every description) in all their branches and to do all things necessary and expedient in connection with these business. 3) To purchase, take on Hire, or otherwise acquire, Films and talkies with the exhibiting, distributing and renting rights and to sell, give on hire, or otherwise the films, talkies and the rights so acquired and the company’s production with their exhibiting, distributing and renting rights.